ASMR | Aqua Sounds Ear to Ear (Water Spraying, Sloshing, and Fizzing)

Published 4 years ago

Hello friends and fellow Tingleheads! Today’s video is all about water! I picked out a handful of tingle-tastic, watery sounds and related items for your relaxation, including spraying, sloshing, dripping, and lots more…plus plenty of tapping sounds in between! So please sit back, relax, and enjoy tonight’s aquatic assortment.

Jump to video sections:
1. Short and long spray bottle sounds: 2:10
2. Plastic ice cube rummaging/sloshing/tapping: 5:55
3. Sparkling water fizzing/pouring: 13:00
4. Eye dropper dripping/skin suction sounds/bubbling sounds: 19:02
5. Water bottle sloshing/tapping: 23:40

Gibi ASMR's International First Class Flight Attendant Roleplay:

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Common triggers included: spraying sounds, mist sounds, sticker peeling, fizzing, fizzy sounds, bubble sounds, dripping sounds, tapping, soft speaking, whispering, ear to ear, sticky fingers

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