ASMR Teacher Role Play Things&Words PL/EN-Soft Spoken, Whispers Binaural 3Dio Free Space Pro

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Published 7 years ago

Today, you play the role of a student. Showing different things and call them in English and Polish. I use my old microphones along with a combination of 3Dio Free Space Pro. Slowly, gentle speak, and whisper from ear to ear. This is the fun in playing a role - flashcards Polish language. At the end of the movie waiting for your exam with what you have learned :)

ASMR Teacher Role Paly Pure Binaural - lesson Polish Words:
I used the following items:
sheet of paper
wooden block

For the record, I used an old microphone connected to the power Zoom H4N
+ In place of the optional microphone plugged 3Dio Free Space Pro to which I speak softly and whisper from ear to ear.


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