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Published 4 years ago

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How to Make Tanghulu Candied Fruits 탕후루 만들기:
How to Make Tteokbokki Spicy Rice Cake 떡볶이 만들기:
How to Make Strawberry Daifuku Mochi 딸기찹쌀떡 만들기:

Where to buy honeycomb:
Where to buy Samyang Carbo Fire Noodles:

💄Lip Product 립제품
Maybelline SuperStay Steady Red-Y:

🦷Dental Care 치아관리
Electric toothbrush 전동칫솔:
Toothpaste (night) 치약(밤):
Toothpaste (day) 치약(아침):
Whitening Strips 미백 스트립:
Whitening Charcoal Powder 숯가루 미백:
Fluoride mouth Wash 불소가글:
Natural mouth Wash 천연가글:
Floss 치실:

🥢Mukbang Gear 먹방장비
Silicone Straws 실리콘 빨대:
Baby Wipes 물티슈:

🎥Film Gear 촬영장비
Camera 카메라:
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Light 조명:
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