ASMR Crinkle Heaven TEA BAG #4 (feat. Soft Sounds Asmr)

Published 7 years ago

☝🏻️ ATTENTION : this is an ASMR video / ceci est une vidéo de relaxation ASMR:

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🍵In this video, I want to introduce you to the british tea culture. This is the voice of the talented AsmrTist "Soft Sounds ASMR". I really love his accent and I thought it would be really relaxing to listen to his explanations with a nice british accent. ^^

Soft Sounds ASMR :

🍵Dans cette vidéo, tu vas découvrir la tradition du thé en Angleterre. C'est Soft Sounds ASMR que j'invite sur ma chaîne. J'espère que tu apprécieras son accent très british. ^^


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