ASMR Relaxing Paper Sorting Sounds - Page Turning, Crinkles

Published 9 months ago

Welcome to my little stress-free space on the internet!
Where inhibitions are shed, and the sole purpose of every video I make is in the hope that someone leaves just a little more relaxed than before they came.
I love looking for new ways to clear the mind & soothe tension, because I think we are all our best selves when weโ€™re feeling light and happy.
ASMR, I have found, is an amazing tool. Itโ€™s free, itโ€™s completely harmless, itโ€™s pure, and gives people the opportunity to escape. Watching ASMR videos has really soothed and calmed me, and making them feels very uplifting. Like Iโ€™m helping myself and maybe others.
Please enjoy, because โ€œLife is too important to be taken seriouslyโ€ โ˜บ


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