ASMR ~ 100 Minutes of Ear Eating! 100k celebration

AftynRose ASMR
Published 4 months ago

oh hello, don't mind me just popping back into your feed after five months. I'm sorry I left for so long, I've really missed you guys. I'm going to start uploading every Monday and more if It's a good week! You can at least count on a Monday video, that's for sure. I've been working on those time management skills so I can do this!!!
I'm super late to the party but thank you so much for 100 thousand subscribers. I made this video back in JANUARY to celebrate and I'm excited to finally be sharing it with you :) I'm sorry it isn't new, but I wanted to start my return off with something big and exciting. I hope you have a nice tingly time watching and/or listening to these many many minutes of my mouth. I did twenty minutes of mouth sounds near the mic, twenty minutes of ear noms and kisses, twenty with the tongue in the earhole type of thing, twenty minutes of ear licking, and then finally twenty minutes combining all of them. Splitting it all up into segments like that made it much easier for me to stay entertained and in the moment throughout the video, but I'm also hoping it will give you a chance to figure out what your favorite kind of ear eating sound is!! I'd love if you shared your discoveries with me in the comments!
I think that's enough babble. Enjoy this video and I'm so looking forward to being active here again. Thank you so much for staying subbed to me even though I disappeared for so long. I don't deserve you!
If you're interested, I am consistently active on my Patreon where I let loose the wild side. Here's a link!

Enjoy the video! Sleep sweet, and know that I have much love for you.


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