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Published 4 years ago

Hello Everyone this is a try on whispered haul video.

This is the first time I make a haul video. Hope you guys like it !

Cheers !

Company Name of the clothing : Blooming Jelly
Here are the links of the items I got:
(All the items I got They're small size usually I wear size XS US)

It's been a month I didn't upload any video. I miss you guys so much. I don't know what to say but thank you everyone for the support. The customize video still are not available (sorry).

To ... All the Patreons and Donators I didn't forget you guys and I will shout out you guys names soon including writing it in Thai for you.
Thank You to you guys ... Steven, Astor, Javier, Pat, Grace, Karl, Kris(c), Chris, Sean, Pedro, Carl, Gerard, Karen, Mette, Connor, Jessen, Sebastian, Kevin, Jose, Clair, Joe, Adam, Bob, Horatio, Albert, Anton, Gregor, Cecilia, Judith
(let me know if your name not here)

Special Thanks for Camera and Backdrop .. Harrison
( I could not afford that camera without you thank you so much
I'll use it in the next video )

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SNAPCHAT : giftasmr

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