[ASMR] Widowmaker is testing out a pair of mics! | No Talking, Cloth Rubbing, Breathing & More!

Published 4 years ago

Hey, this is the first video on this channel! This is more of a test video to see if you guys enjoy this kind of thing, I might do something longer in the future. This was actually a pain in the ass to make since SFM is quite a buggy tool, and I'm still a newbie. It took like a week or so.

Anyway, Widowmaker is testing out a pair of new microphones for your relaxation. If you enjoyed it, let me know, by leaving a comment, a like or even by subscribing for more stuff in the future.

This video contains some sounds of cloth rubbing, leather, keyboard typing, breathing, kisses & a few mouth sounds, touching the mic with gloves. Also some ambient sounds like distant hallway footsteps are present. No talking though, for obvious reasons.


asmr autonomous sensory meridian response film maker talon no rubbing leather female kisses mouth sounds gloves footsteps relaxation rode SFM Source Filmmaker Widowmaker Overwatch Talking Clothes Breathing Ambient Animation Microphone

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