ASMR - I AM YOUR PHONE ~ Booping, Tapping, Hugs & Affirmations ~

Seafoam Kitten's ASMR
Published 2 years ago

Special thanks to Bekah (SoftlyGaloshes) for giving me so many cute ideas for this video :D
Your phone is alive and she loves you :0 In this bideo there is a bit of soft singing (more like doot -dooting) and phone keyboard texting sounds. Also phone tapping, booping , hugs and positive affirmations and affection! The shirt I have sounds a bit like leather or latex sounds and is pretty crinkly so I hope you like that sound :3

0:00 - Ringtone. Doot - doot doo!
5:58 - Boop your face! Visual triggers, hand movements
10:30 - Crinkly hugs
13:15 - Phone tapping
16:21 - Finger flutters + texting sound

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