DotCalm: Relaxation Program (a futuristic 360° ASMR experience)

Published 7 years ago

***Important, please read first! This is a 360 video and is best viewed at a minimum of 1440p resolution, so please adjust your YouTube video quality settings prior to viewing. I'll provide detailed viewing instructions at the end of this description.***

Hey guys! I know it's been a while since my last piece of content, and I'm sorry for the lapse. I want you to know that this has been due to me working very hard on the development of a company I've mentioned before called PixelWhipt. To those who aren't familiar, it is an immersive media company I'm developing with Heather Feather & Maria GentleWhispering, focused on the creation and distribution of immersive media, like Virtual Reality. ASMR inspired the idea, as we love the thought of ASMR / relaxation experiences that transport viewers seemingly beyond the screen. We have a strong passion for this, and it has truly fed our creativity. So please understand that, although at times this has affected my output, building a dream takes time and an incredible amount of work. Just know that, ultimately, ASMR will benefit, as it will allow myself, Heather, Maria, and others to produce transportative content for you that we didn't think was possible years ago when we first began creating. Imagine some of your favorite content from your favorite creators in a fully immersive environment, that's our goal. So now, I'd like to share with you an experience that is a good example of what's to come from PixelWhipt, with this latest video. Remember, this is only the beginning, we have a lot more in store! Enjoy, my friends, and thank you for bearing with me and for being my inspiration. :)

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Section I: Relaxing Tapping Sounds & Storytelling
2:07 Introduction of items
3:21 Item 1 - A bottle of Aqua Euthemia
8:08 Item 2 - A Makemake
14:06 Item 3 - Nesting pods of a Calypsus

Section II: Relaxing Liquid, Fizzing, & More Tapping Sounds
18:35 Tapping sounds
21:46 Fizzing and liquid sounds

Section III: Relaxing Guided Meditation with Light Visuals
23:06 Guided deep breathing
23:50 Guided mediation with light visuals
37:05 Countdown from 25

360 degree video viewing instructions for Desktop, Mobile, and Virtual Reality:

Video quality settings can be adjusted clicking the settings button (gear icon) on the video player and then selecting "quality" and then 1440p. For those who aren't familiar with 360° videos, simply mouse-click and drag within the video to look around the world. If you're on mobile, just move your phone around and the video will react. For Virtual Reality users using a Google Cardboard, Freefly, or similar device, simply click the Cardboard icon on the YouTube app before putting your phone in the viewer.

Many thanks to:

Stonemason on Daz 3D for many of their amazing CG models used in the production of this video. (link Stonemason's Daz 3D page:

Classy Dog Films for providing such incredible help and insight into CG and 360 production, as well as introducing us to Stonemason's work! (link to Classy Dog Film's YouTube channel:

Catherine Gillespie-Lopes for her incredible meditation script on that is heard during Section 3 of this video. (link to Catherine Gillespie-Lopes' mediation script:

Common triggers included: soft speaking / spoken, whispering, tapping, water / liquid sounds, fizzing sounds, ear to ear, binaural / 3D sound

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