ASMR - ASMRtist Summer Secret Santa! ~ Opening a Gift from SubstanceASMR ~

Seafoam Kitten's ASMR
Published 4 years ago

A bunch of ASMRtists got together and participated in a secret santa :3 I got my gift from SubstanceASMR. His channel:

Watch NorthernWhispers open the box I sent to him!

Check out the other ASMRtist Santa Unboxings!

LittleDove ASMR (gift from MattyTingles)
MissFushi (gift from IndigoStars ASMR)
Freaktiful Whispers (gift from Swan Whispers ASMR)
DreamsiclesASMR (gift from MamaNightBlossom)
Shadowy Whispers (gift from ASMR English Whispers)
ASMR People (gift from DreamsiclesASMR)
Zach ASMR (gift from BadgerASMR)
My ASMR Addiction (gift from ZachASMR)
IndigoStars ASMR (gift from BlueWhisper)
WindyWhispersASMR (gift from Freaktiful Whispers)
ASMR Unboxing (gift from Swan Whispers ASMR)
theASMRnerd (gift from Bubbledust ASMR)
BlueWhispers (gift from GoldMika ASMR)
Nest ASMR (gift from VulpeculASMR)
GoldMika ASMR (gift from WindyWhispersASMR)
VulpeculASMR (gift from MissFushi)
MattyTingles (gift from Little Dove ASMR)
Mama NightBlossom (gift from Northern Whispers ASMR)
Swan Whispers ASMR

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