3D ASMR - Personal Attention for Self Love (Ear to Ear Male Whisper & Ear/Head Scratching)

Ricky Odriosola ASMR
Published 7 years ago

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This video was made to help you, not only relax, but to improve your self love. If you're ever feeling unappreciated, alone, or just plain down, watch this video. Its purpose is to make you feel loved and remind you how special you are, you beautiful person you. :)

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**Triggers include close up, male whispering from ear to ear. There is a lot of face and ear caressing for extra love. I added some head massage with whispered positive affirmations. And ended it with some light feather play on your face and ears. Remember to wear headphones for a better experience!**

The inspiration for this video came from recent events in the ASMR community where someone had been cyber bullied. Sometimes it can take a toll on us...
ATTENTION: If you're having thoughts of suicide please call
For outside the U.S. follow this link to some suicide hotlines around the word. http://goo.gl/iH0fCe

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