Assemblage movie TRAILER (2014) *ASMR experience*Olivia Kissper

Olivia Kissper
Published 8 years ago

Immerse yourself into a story of an extraordinary android in which the main character is you. After your memory is erased so you could be trained as a military android, Olivia rescues you and attempts a life-saving procedure that has not been done before; Assemblage is a memory integration based on previously recorded memory triggers. But first, she will check your movements and open your skull which may trigger some previous memories and emotions.
Will you remember who you are?

Assemblage is a unique movie that inquires into the nature of memories and consciousness.
It is softly spoken and binaural whispered to trigger your ASMR.

This is a sci-fi official movie trailer 2014 for the film Assemblage that is coming to your homes on May 21.

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