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Published 4 years ago


Hello Wonderlanders!!
Long time no see!

I'd like take a minute out of your day to announce that I've taken your advice to heart, and have gone ahead and created a Patreon page for those who are interested! I have been mulling it over, and I think it's an absolutely fantastic idea for all of you wonderful folks who so generously donate regularly, to be getting some super sweet bonuses or extra content... I'd absolutely love to reward you for helping support the growth of this channel! All proceeds acquired from Patreon this month will be going into costumes and props that I'll be using within the following few weeks! So if you're interested in subscribing on there, I would be absolutely grateful! Pledging as little as $2.00 a month can really make a world of a difference. :')

Some of the perks include:
Getting to see a video before it's made public!
Getting some free art!
Bonus audio, or winning your own custom video!
Blog posts and polls on what you'd like to see next!
Sneak peaks, and livestreams!

And lots of other little rewards, just as a thank you to all of you that help make this channel what it is! You guys are so incredible, seriously! For those interested, here is the link to my Patreon...

Thanks for reading! :D
Now onto the video description...


In this roleplay, Ace, a super secret agent from the D.E.C.K (Disclosed Evidence and Classified Knowledge) is working for her majesty herself, the Queen of Hearts, to gather intel on a rather disturbing case against the crown..... and YOU may have some information that she wants! She'll use an assortment of "instruments" to get it out of you... that is, if you don't fall asleep first...

Some of the triggers include water/liquid sounds, spraying, crinkly sounds, makeup brush sounds, ear brushing, lip smacking and more. :)

This was a custom video for a fabulous Wonderlander who has asked to remain anonymous! This one's for YOU! You know who you are! :D Thank you so much for such a brilliant prompt!

If you are interested in a custom video, I have created a little website which includes pricing ideas and how to get in touch with me about it!

Thank you so much for watching!!!
I'll be seeing you in another video very soon!


P.S... I'm so sorry that the audio channels have been switched!!! I only noticed it after the video had fully uploaded... ): Please switch your headphones if you can!! I'll try to fix it for next time!
Sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry! I accidentally must have edited the video with my headphones put on reverse and didn't notice that it needed to be flipped! D':
I'll try to be more careful!


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Regardless of contributions, I will continue making these videos. They're just too fun and it's so rewarding getting to connect with you guys! However if you feel the need to give back, (especially to help out with equipment and props) I would be forever grateful! Any and all donations will go towards building the channel, and help with funding will allow me to expedite the process.


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