memeSMR (whispering memes ear-to-ear, binaural)

Published 4 years ago

woah, i'm such a memer. i'm so cool, i eat dirotos, drink MONSTER, watch leafy, and play overwatch. XDXD MLG when I'm bored i watch dank meme vine compilations on youtube HEHE I'm so edgy i said the N word Once! then my mom heard me and She took away my XBOX! I HATE MY Mom! i want to do shrooms with leafy. Im a pu$$y master, bitches all wanna suck my dick. Im 12 and I use my moms credit card to CSGO gamble!!!! hiSS I'm going to bite you

PAYPAL: [email protected]
TWITCH: @theCloveress (going to try out the Zoie Burgher life)
INSTAGRAM: @theCloveress
TWITTER: @theCloveress


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