Close up Whisper ASMR Day Final Video

Gentle Whispering ASMR
Published 10 years ago

Hello everybody. :) Happy ASMR Day.. I wanted to prepare something nice for you on this First ASMR Day.. I did 9 videos and wanted to make them into one to make an ultimate ASMR experience for you, but... I failed :'( and was unable to merge all videos together and save them as one which Im so sorry about. I beg you for forgiveness for failing and not compeleting my idea in the end, I did everything I could I promise.. so I am posting all 9 videos seperately in the order I wanted them to be in the video ... Im soooooo sorry it didnt work out the way I saw it :'( but I hope you will understand and still like it hopefully. Thank you and HAPPY ASMR DAY AGAIN!! :)))
this recording is copyrighted 2012 by GentleWhispering, all rights reserved


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