Let's Talk #1 Can money buy you happiness? (ASMR soft spoken vlog)

Ephemeral Rift
Published 9 years ago

Welcome to the first in a new ASMR vlog series where we discuss various topics as requested by viewers and subscribers alike. Feel free to leave your questions in the comments. I'm thinking highest upvoted question will be in the next video. Not only do I enjoy philosophizing, being a deep thinker and just talking about various interests and topics, but this also gets me away from creating setup ASMR videos revolving around roleplays and objects, and into a more relaxed, casual ASMR if you will, where we can talk while hopefully still providing a relaxing experience. Don't worry, I will still be doing my regular content.

This was inspired by someone who left a comment on my channel's Facebook page as well as the Evil Tag collaboration with Bill MaxVoxPax.

This was recorded with my Logitech c310 webcam which isn't too bad and gets the job done, though I used a separate mic I purchased about 10 years ago, the Shure SM58. I can't do much about the glare on my dome due to the overhead fluorescent lights in my Top Secret Underground Lab (aka basement).

I hope you enjoy.

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