ASMR 8 Triggers To Help You Sleep

Heather Feather ASMR
Published 8 years ago

Hello everyone! Here are 8 trigger attempts for you to get your slumber on---including the longest magic 8 ball segment yet. I am a little worried that some of the sounds are too loud (particularly with the music basket), so hopefully nothing will be terribly disruptive. Please excuse the copious amounts of editing and any out of sync audio. Happy viewing!

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0:00-3:40 Troll Cat Purring...he has a thing for makeup brushes
3:55-10:48 Clock and Ticking
11:10-18:20 Doumbek Drum
19:08-31:53 Magic 8 Ball
31:56-36:17 Duster
36:31-42:45 Basket Music Box
42:46-48:38 Hair Brushing
50:17-1:06:56 Perlers
1:06:57-1:08:46 Close up whispering

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