Prim ASMR |No Ads| 1 HOUR of Page Flipping (No Talking)

Published 2 years ago

Hello there Everybuddy!
This video is a special episode with absolutely NO Ads! ♥
I put together this 1 HOUR of consistent page flipping!
Page flipping/turning is one of my favorite triggers and
I know a lot of you enjoy it as well; so I thought I'd make a video dedicated to this one. specific. sound.
It's over an hour long, so I'm hoping you will be able to use this time and time again, to get a full night's rest.
I chose not to put ads on this one, so that you can listen to it on loop without worrying about waking up to something loud!
I plan on doing this in the future for special occasions.
I hope you enjoy this and tell me what you thought.
I experimented with this one by adding the switching colors, to possibly induce your visual asmr experience. (:
(The changing colors reminded me of the scene in the original "The Wizard of Oz" when those horses were changing colors. ;D )
Ohh, how I love that scene.

Okay, now go have a relaxing night of rest!
I'll be back with more cool stuff soon! ♥


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