ASMR Skin Doctor Dermatologist Roleplay

Jennemotion ASMR
Published 7 years ago

Do you nee a deep pore cleansing? Perfect! Let me clean your skin as your ASMR dermatologist doctor today, to get rid of blemishes and deep dirt in your skin.

For that purpose I'm using a sticky tape that I'm putting on your skin piece by piece to remove it then in a quick movement, where it takes away all the dirt in your skin with the sticky effect. Maybe you know this kind of technique from some drug store products. It really exists and works quite well I think.

The sticky band makes certain sounds that I personally find very pleasant, so I was thinking this kind of sound combined with closeup whispers and a doctor's athmosphere could be pleasant for you too.

At the beginning and in the end of the skin doctor roleplay I'm using a brush to prepare your skin or do the finish after the sticky tape treatment.

As as your asmr skin doctor I also have a close look at your skin with a light, to watch it closeup. And I'm - of course - wearing medical gloves to work on your facial skin in a very clean way.

Try it and tell me what you think of this kind of asmr doctor roleplay or dermatologist roleplay.

Love, Jenn


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