ASMR~ Relaxing Ear Massage with Kisses, Breathing and other random triggers (no talking)

AftynRose ASMR
Published 2 months ago
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Latex gloves at 6:41
Hope everyone is doing well! I'm sorry this video isn't longer. I wanted to record more but my vents kept turning on and getting loud for ten+ minutes at a time and neighbors kept bustlin and the combination left us with only 17 good minutes of audio. They are full of kisses, breathing, and an ear massage both with and without latex gloves! I also experimented with a few triggers I've enjoyed in the past but never really tried myself like ch ch sounds and t t t and sk sk sk.. stuff like that. I hope it's tingly for you! Sleep sweet and thank you for clicking on the video :)

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Hope your week has been good! Much love!! :D


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