ASMR Whispered Super Slow Reading | Clicky Inaudible Whispers, Page Turning, Book Tracing

ASMR Bambii
Published 4 months ago

Welcome to another book reading ASMR video! This is a much longer reading video with very slow, soft, clicky whispers that get softer and softer until it becomes inaudible whispers. I also peppered in page tracing throughout the reading. I hope this video gives you tons of tingles and helps you to relax!

Excuse the random stomach noises lol

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00:00 Intro
00:31 Introducing the Book
01:12 Tracing the front of the book
01:41 Page turning
02:18 Beginning to read whispered
24:20 Softer, inaudible whispering
41:57 page turning
42:06 book tracing
42:26 Outro

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