Dark ASMR Sparkles | Soft Spoken | Breathing | Scratching/Tapping | Brushing on Mic

Published 4 years ago

Hi guys! I wanted to do something fairly dark and relaxing. Paint brushes on frosted glass, tapping and scratching on wood, brushes on bare mic and some soft speaking and whispering throughout.

Some portions are guided breathing sessions, and some short guided meditations and some relaxing hand movements :)

01:00 tapping/scratching on frosted glass/wood

4:20 paint brushes on glass/wood

12:39 more scratching and tapping

16:40 *breathing with me*

19:35 scratching on cardboard and verbally guiding your relaxation

24:34 DIFFUSER IS GONE gets darker-- ear to ear whisper & paint brushes ON MIC

34:15 using brush to sound like scalp massage

39:00 breathing again with scalp massage sounds

42:39 dual brush "scalp massage" SUPER TINGLY


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