An Esthetician Visit - Binaural Role Play - ASMR - Face Massage, Water Sounds, Soft Speaking

Published 7 years ago

Hello, friends and fellow Tingleheads. I missed you guys!! I was out of town all last week on some business regarding my channel and the virtual reality project I told you about. I'll share all the details with you in my upcoming Quiet Vlog video, some really exciting stuff! :) It was very difficult to get any videos shot while I was gone, but here's my newest one. It's a role play and, in it, I will be accommodating you at an esthetician visit. This experience involves personal attention, water sounds, facial massager buzzing sounds, ear to ear, lens touching, back massage sounds, tapping, soft speaking, and whispering. I hope you enjoy it! :)

The face massager sections of this video were inspired by these awesome spa videos by WhispersUnicorn:


**** 3D SPA and FACIAL **** ASMR Relaxation:

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Common triggers included: personal attention, soft speaking, ear to ear, tapping

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