ASMR - Kissing and Mouth Sounds for Sleep (Ear to Ear w/Inaudible Male Whisper & Beard to Ear)

Ricky Odriosola ASMR
Published 7 years ago

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To skip my little intro, jump to 1:45
Two of the most requested ASMR triggers have been kissing sounds and wet mouth sounds. I chose to combine the two to make an ASMR Wet Kiss extravaganza... lol. Turn up your volume and wear headphones!

**This video has some soft inaudible male whisper, more like gibberish, and sometimes repetitive mouth sounds. I also scratch your ears with my beard scruff for extra tingles. The video is mostly wet mouth sounds and kisses, all ear to ear. Remember to wear your headphones!**

Please let me if you watched the video all the way through and if so, which was the trigger that best gave you ASMR tingles or made you feel relaxed? Thank you.

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