ASMR 40 minutes of fast inaudible/semi inaudible whispering with tapping (fast ASMR) (mouth sounds)

Published 9 months ago

ASMR fast inaudible/semi inaudible whispering with glass tapping (fast ASMR) (wet mouth sounds) (fast) (inaudible whispering) (semi inaudible whispering) (unintelligible whispering) (hand movements) (fast hand movements) (fast tapping) (glass tapping) (liquid sounds) (mouth sounds) (lip smacking) (fast tongue clicking) (tongue clicking) (fast and aggressive) (fast and aggressive ASMR) 💖 hi. I don’t even know what i talk about in this video so enjoy :p my eyes are swollen so this video is half my face. Sorry if that takes away from your relaxation :( but i’ll be back wednesday or friday 🥳
0:00 hello/merhaba/salut
1:30 inaudible whispering
4:05 inaudible whispering with less white noise
26:40 inaudible whispering with tapping
41:50 bye/hoşçakal/au revoir

Tape on the microphone video:
Mouth sounds playlist:
Inaudible/unintelligible whispering:

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