Thrifty Thursday: Pin Art Toy & Classic Hollywood - ASMR - Soft Spoken, Mindful Movement, Tapping

Published 7 years ago

Fellow Tingleheads, this installment of Thrifty Thursday ended up to be more of a Thrifty Thriday -- the upload took a very long time tonight, I'm very sorry for the wait! This video is about a minute shy of an hour long, so I hope you find some tingles in there somewhere :) In this video I discuss two awesome thrift store finds, one that I can't even believe was priced at only fifty cents! Enjoy :)

If you're new to Thrifty Thursday, there are 3 simple rules I must follow:

1.) I have to find a tingle-worthy item or items at a thrift store, and I'm limited to a budget of $5 or less.
2.) The item(s) must be something I'll make use of in my life for the foreseeable future, aside from use in the video.
3.) Each time I visit the thrift store, I must make a donation of items I'm no longer using that could benefit someone else.

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Common triggers included: soft speaking, whispering, tapping, mindful movements, page turning

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