ASMR Binaural Microphone Trigger Fest Test

Heather Feather ASMR
Published 8 years ago

Hello everyone! Here are 14 Triggers for your listening pleasure, including: close up whispering, soft speaking, tapping, scratching, cutting, and many more. Please wear headphones for the effect. This video is a bit disjointed, as I moved clips around from their original spots (I tried to put the loudest sounds in the beginning). I wanted to test out the binaural mic, so I brought back many of your favorite triggers. The mic is super sensitive, so you will hear my heat go on from time to time, and the lap top fan every now and then. Please excuse the copious amounts of editing and any audio sync problems (I feel like the audio went out of sync faster than usual...not sure why). Happy viewing!

For those who need a quick fix:
1:37-7:27 Stone Butterfly
7:28-12:53 Pop Rocks
12:54-18:26 Red Skull
18:29-27:07 Magic 8 Ball
27:20-32:23 Rubber Gloves
32:37-38:42 Tape Measure
38:43-43:46 BMO Perler
43:47-48:29 Key Blade Cube
48:35-53:55 Giant Penny Coaster
53:57-58:29 Perler Tweezer
58:30-1:04:37 Brushing with Make Up Brush
1:04:46-1:10:19 Chalkboard and Chalk
1:10:20-1:10:54 Scissor Cutting
1:11:14-1:14:14 Sksksks, Blink, Okay

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