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Published 6 years ago

Hello, my friends and fellow Tingleheads! Tonight's video is a bit of a change of pace from my usual content, but never fear - lots more traditional ASMR videos are coming soon! Recently, I travelled to Austin, TX for the SXSW Interactive Festival, and during my visit I came across a unique and fascinating experience called #analog, hosted by American Greetings, which celebrated the simple, analog tools and processes from which our modern digital existence grew. You can learn all about it here: http://goo.gl/hbBjnA

At #analog, I got to play all day in a space filled with awesome tactile experiences like physical animated gifs, stitched selfies, typewriting, and tons more. It created such an interesting contrast to the super-digital world we live in, and so much of the activities were so tingle-worthy, that I decided I had to turn it into a video so you guys could enjoy it along with me. I hope you find this video relaxing, and I hope it inspires you to make your own meaningful connections, analog or otherwise. :)

You can learn more about American Greetings here: http://goo.gl/wrbVRT

To see the art of Kelsey Montague, the mural artist I mentioned, check out her website here: http://goo.gl/AswY7h

To see the art of Michael-Birch Pierce, the artist who stitched my portrait, check out his website here: http://goo.gl/nT4ia1

The music from this video can be found under Creative Commons License here: http://www.freesound.org/people/Corsica_S/sounds/50072/

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I've had people ask about my binaural mic, so for those interested in knowing more about it, here's a link to the company's website: http://goo.gl/lIox7O

Common triggers included: soft speaking, whisper, typewriter sounds, sewing machine sounds, clicking sounds, repeated words, trigger words

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