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Hermetic Kitten ASMR
Published 8 years ago

Ecco qui un vlog/pillow talk sussurrato, dove vi racconto le ultime novità e la nuova iniziativa di richiedere video su misura! Ho ricevuto già le prime richieste, ma per chi volesse fare un'ordinazione, ecco come fare:
- Fate un video corto (5-30 secondi max)
- Ordinate i vostri trigger per il video dal Menù
- Inviatemi il video a [email protected]
- Attendete e sarà servito :3 Il vostro video sarà aggiunto all'inizio del mio.
- Mouth Sounds
-Triggering words (kkk,ttt,sk,tc)
- Kiss sounds
- Meowing/purring sounds
- Chewing sounds/Candy sounds
- Crinkling
- Tapping
- Paper sounds/ Drawing sounds/Cutting sounds
- Keyboard sounds
- Water sounds
- Sand/Salt sounds
- Flipping pages
- Brushing
- Whispering semplice
.•´¯`•.•●•۰• ••.•´¯`•.•• ••.•´¯`•.••.•´¯`•.•●•۰• ••.•´¯`•.•• ••.•´¯`•.••
If you wish to contact me: [email protected]
Blog: www.sowilokauna.wordpress.com
For gifts such as donations, I have a paypal button. Sorry, but I cannot give personal informations for you to send gifts :3 I do appreciate the thought, though.
FB: facebook.com/HermetickittenAsmr
Blogspot : http://hermetickitten.blogspot.com/
① What is ASMR?
- ASMR is a tingling sensation in your mind and body, induced by external triggers such as Whispering/ Tapping/ Pencil Sounds/ Scratching Sounds etc.
② How do I get this reaction?
- Sit comfortably in your bed, on the couch, on a chair, wherever you feel at ease. Try different types of videos, always wearing HEADPHONES and start analyzing your own reactions to different videos. You will find out what works for you.
.•´¯`•.•●•۰• ••.•´¯`•.•• ••.•´¯`•.••.•´¯`•.•●•۰• ••.•´¯`•.•• ••.•´¯`•.••


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