[Japanese ASMR] Summary; Christmas Countdown! 2017 Advent Calendar#1 / Eating Sounds, Whispering

hatomugi ASMR
Published 2 years ago

Happy holidays!
I compiled the videos that I had posted from November 30th to December 10th into one video!
Thank you to all those who counted down to Christmas with me!🎄

This video is the first part.
The latter part is here → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fRWhWsEXs5A

*Please enjoy the video with your earphones or headphones plugged as it is in recorded in stereo.


後編はこちら → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fRWhWsEXs5A



⭐️ 字幕の協力
I look forward to your cooperation in making the subtitles!
→ https://goo.gl/kU6IGI

■ Japanese subtitle https://goo.gl/YHLKHd
■ English subtitles https://goo.gl/fIy7WP
■ Korean subtitles https://goo.gl/4AgpDs
■ Chinese subtitles https://goo.gl/Qfuphh
■ Spanish subtitles https://goo.gl/bpXtVq
■ German subtitles https://goo.gl/Mojm4f
■ French subtitles https://goo.gl/iHbwmf
■ Portuguese subtitles https://goo.gl/JZTbUq
■ Russian subtitles https://goo.gl/SNt5OJ
■ Dutch subtitles https://goo.gl/vFDHbL
■ Italian subtitles https://goo.gl/H7AqNb
■ Czech subtitles https://goo.gl/nJAcxw
■ Vietnamese subtitles https://goo.gl/uMoyU5

🐱 hatomugi ASMR 【All videos】https://goo.gl/OBx2Nj
🐱 hatomugi ASMR 【Whispering】https://goo.gl/XFzoQ2
🐱 hatomugi ASMR 【No Talking】https://goo.gl/44K6fe


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