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Published 5 years ago

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It's my 3 year channel anniversary :D To celebrate I made a looong video with Kinetic Sand, and this might be my favorite ASMR video I have ever made in these 3 years!!! I am not kidding. This is so soothing...Trust me, you will feel so calm after watching this ♥

Anyways, I use tools throughout most of the video to do little shapes, to cut the sand, etc. Hope you'll enjoy, tingle team!

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▶︎▶︎▶︎ If you're interested, these are my favorite parts in this video:

• the sounds from the sand falling on the mat
• when smoothing it with the knife and cutting it @ 6:48
• the hand rubbing throughout the video
• the tracing @ 20:35
• the writing in the sand with the knife @23:09
• the sticky tapping @30:13
• ▶︎ 31:43 absolute favorite ◀︎
• 34:42
• 37:15 - so satisfying :D
• the sticky sounds @40:48

PS: Comment if you saw the Pacman imitation ;D



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