ASMR Nurse Joy Cosplay ~ Pokemon Role Play

Published 5 years ago

ASMR Nurse Joy Pokemon Role Play

Poor little Pikachu was ambushed in the wild! It's up to me, Nurse Joy, to heal you up. :)

Time Stamps
0:00-5:06 Drying you off, fabric sounds, soft spoken
5:07-8:48 Some talking, putting on medical gloves
8:49-10:34 Adding ingredients for the full revive, crinkles
10:35-14:08 Mixing full revive, transition to full whisper
14:09-22:38 Applying full revive, whisper
22:39-End Massage and personal attention, whisper

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~ Equipment / Products Used ~ - pink spray hair color - nurse hat - dress - canon camera - canon 35mm lens - zoom h6 recorder - sound professionals binaural microphones

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