ASMR АСМР Kitty licks and scratches you to sleep for views

Published 2 years ago

hi its Emi here back with another episode of asmr sh*tfest. uploading every day btw so celebrate these sukascribers. so this video..what could it possibly be lads? decided to be like every girl who owns a gaming chair and put kitty ears on my f*ckin head but ended up like mr tumnus and hella not cute like them btw

time stamps:

00:00 - 06:02 scratching the mic with filter thing on

06-02 - 08:30 random weird cat sounds, i feel awkward

08:50 (pause here btw i look possessed af) - 11:02- doing the scratchy scratch without the filter thing

11:02 - 16:43 lick mouth sounds, stop looking at me u creepy bitch

16:43 - end scratching and mouth sound stuff again


im not wearing these ears ever again. they got burned after this video.

links throwing in ur face:

custom asmr vids here:
im hoeing for a 3dio so i can massage my own ears

instagram (i turned into a basic travel page)


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