Selena Gomez's family is not happy with her rekindled romance with Justin Bieber - video review

 JESSICA Whispers
Published 8 years ago

Justin Bieber Spent Ten thousand dollars worth of beautiful colorful flowers he sent her recently and well he even took her on a shopping spree and bought her everything she wanted lucky her wish I had a guy like that just kidding not all about the money gotta love each other but come on its pretty cool to go on a shopping spree who wouldn't want to well anyways and than they also had tons of fun laser tagging each other lazer tag games are so much fun and the As Long as You Love me song was also dedicated at SXSW for his only true love baby girl selena gomez . Even All Of This Still Selena Gomez Parents And Rest Her Family Don't Want Her Seeing Justin Bieber well its all up to them but I guess because of Justin Bieber Passed history. Thanks for watching my review have a good day. Oh Yeah Leave A comment below letting me know what you think of this do you think justin bieber and selena make a perfect couple or what love you all have a excellent fun day.

link: Selena Gomez's reunion with Bieber is a matter of concern for her family -


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