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Published 4 years ago

Relax as I show you around the Minecraft world that I created. I started playing Minecraft almost three months ago and have been working on my initial world ever since then, slowly turning it from a small, hilly island into the safe, secure castle-like compound you see here. Even though this video is an hour long, believe me when I say that there is much more to see. Tell me in the comments if you would like me to add a Minecraft series in my already varied mix of video topics.

Someone asked me in the comments if I built this world on my own in survival mode. I was going to give this answer and pin it to the top of the comments section but the "pin" button seems to be missing. So I'll post it here:

I built everything in my world in survival mode and did not have any help other than what I read online. I'll take a moment to expand upon my answer but first though, I just want to thank everyone for all the great comments. I don't have the time to respond to them all, but will answer some as I'm able.

I wasn't sure how well this video would be received and I'm happy you seem to like it so much. There will be more Minecraft videos in the future. As for using screen capture software, I tried OBS but it seemed to make the game play sluggish. I've been given a powerful, dedicated gaming pc by my son, but have to get an adapter if I'm going to use one of my current monitors. After that I plan to transfer this world over to the pc, and hopefully produce a pleasing video with live narration via USB mic rather than later adding voice-over narration like so many other people do.

Concerning "survival" mode. I don't know much about creative mode other than you don't have to worry about anything happening to you, or the treasures you've accumulated through hard work. Survival mode is what I prefer, and please keep in mind that this is only my opinion. You see, for me, there needs to be the element of "loss" involved in any video game I might play. In Minecraft, I am compelled to build and gather in order to better my life within the game. I think this aspect of the game is brilliant because it is our human nature to want to "make things" to make life easier and better. Survival mode brings in another element of real life, an element that keeps us alert and vigilant, and that element is "consequences of our actions".

What I mean is, like life itself, in survival mode, Minecraft has consequences, though thankfully not as devastating as those sometimes encountered in real life. The thought of having the fruits of my labor lost all because I carelessly decided to tangle with a Zombie on my way back to my home base, is enough to make me avoid the Zombies until I have safely deposited my haul of gold, silver, diamonds, and coal, into my storage chest back home. So, more than the decision of where to place the next blocks, the decisions one needs to make in order to survive are what seems to appeal me. Minecraft is much more forgiving than real life though, probably because in order to survive and prosper in Minecraft, the right decisions seem so blatantly clear, and more importantly, easy enough to execute. Where as in real life, for whatever reason, things aren't always as clear for people.

My message to everyone: when it comes to real life, think about what it took to get to whatever point you are now. Think of the hard work, the sacrifice by you, and perhaps by someone else that might have helped you, to get to wherever you are in life, and don't blow it...don't carelessly roll the dice with the Zombies when the consequences can be devastating.

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The videos on my YouTube channel portray some of the typical day-to-day activities that I do for relaxation. This video was produced with relaxation in mind and hopefully has some ASMR qualities. Too much stress is harmful to your well-being and in today’s fast-paced world, stress management is more important than ever, and so I hope this ASMR video acts as a stress reliever for those watching and a sleep-aid for anyone having a difficult time falling asleep.

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