ASMR 50 Triggers in 50 Minutes for Sleep ♥

Scottish Murmurs ASMR
Published 4 years ago

Prepared to be knocked out... hopefully! 50 different triggers all packed in to 50 minutes so you don't get bored...

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00:10-01:10 Soft Spoken
01:10-02:10 Whispers
02:10-03:10 Kisses
03:10-04:10 Sk Sk
04:10-05:10 Tongue Clicking
05:10-06:10 Mouth Sounds
06:10-07:10 Eating Chocolate
07:10-08:10 Lip Smacking
08:10-09:10 Suspenseful Tingles
09:10-10:10 Blowing
10:10-11:10 Flutter Fingers
11:10-12:10 Hand Rubbing
12:10-13:10 Snap Fingers
13:10-14:10 Hand Movements
14:10-15:10 Arm Stroking
15:10-16:10 Brushing Mic
16:10-17:10 Brushing Camera
17:10-18:10 Stroking Camera
18:10-19:10 Cream Sounds
19:10-20:10 Oil Sounds
20:10-21:10 Shave Foam Sounds
21:10-22:10 Hair Brushing
22:10-23:10 Scalp Massage
23:10-24:10 Hair Cutting
24:10-25:10 Hair Stroking
25:10-26:10 Slow Tapping
26:10-27:10 Fast Tapping
27:10-28:10 Tapping on Glass
28:10-29:10 Shaking Bottle
29:10-30:10 Water Pouring
30:10-31:10 Spray Sounds
31:10-32:10 Water Splashes
32:10-33:10 Lighter Sounds
33:10-34:10 Candle Lighting
34:10-35:10 Blow Torch Sounds
35:10-36:10 Salt Grinder
36:10-37:10 Plastic Crinkles
37:10-38:10 Clingfilm (Plastic Wrap)
38:10-39:10 Tin Foil
39:10-40:10 Selotape
40:10-41:10 Rubber Gloves
41:10-42:10 Book Page Turning
42:10-43:10 Magazine Page Sounds
43:10-44:10 Scratching Pillow
44:10-45:10 Blanket (soft) Sounds
45:10-46:10 Playing with Own Hair
46:10-47:10 Lip Gloss
47:10-48:10 Soft (quiet) lullaby Singing
48:10-49:10 Light Triggers
49:10-50:32 Opening/Closing Box

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