ASMR ♥ Crinkly Sounds for Relaxation #2

Published 8 years ago

00:00 - 03:01 Bag of parmesan cheese
03:01 - 05:07 A Tiny bag of buttons
05:07 - 09:02 pill packaging
09:02 - 15:15 A ziploc bag filled with air
15:15 - 19:23 A bag of German candy
19:23 - 22:22 A bag of rice
22:22 - 25:34 A special, thick kind of paper that makes deep crinkly sounds - my favorite :)
25:34 - 31:12 cookie paper

Another crinkly sounds assortment :) I tried to find some not so common items for those of you used to the usual crinkly sounds ;) I hope you find it relaxing!

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