ASMR Packaging the genie bottle for transport!

Published 8 years ago

Dr. Emilia Hamilton, codename Bluewhisper, is preparing the artifact for examination by Dr. Andrew Michaels, codename TirarADeguello.

This is a quick tribute video to TirarADeguello ( for all the help he has been giving me and all the encouragement, plus including me in his video! - ~ He's an amazing and creative asmrtist, check him out!

He's currently working on a series of videos:
Playlist -
Chapter 1 -
Chapter 2 (Me!) -
Chapter 3 (AlternateAurora) -
Chapter 4 (Bleeding Love) -
Chapter 5 (Tandia LittleCloverWhispers) -
Chapter 6 (dukedoom ASMR) -

Time Stamps
0:00-1:03 Introduction
1:04-2:00 Putting on latex gloves
2:01-3:43 Washing the table
3:44-5:10 Putting paper on the table, paper sounds
5:11-9:45 Examining and cleaning the mysterious object
9:46-10:41 Adjusting the camera
10:42-11:35 Preparing the box
11:36-16:10 Crinkles!
16:11-18:26 Taping the box
18:27-19:36 Pushing on the box for crinkles


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