How to Say I Love You in 60 Languages (ASMR Whispers)

PierreG ASMR
Published 4 years ago

How to say I love you in Korean, Japanese, Chinese, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Thai and a few other languages. The video is finally here! I actually think that it's more like I love you in 70 languages, but it might be 69 or 68, so I decided to go with the title "in 60 languages" do that people don't mention it. I would rather someone to say that there are 70 languages than saying "hey, that's 69 languages!"

Anyway, THANK YOU so much for helping me on this project! If you have sent me an audio file for your language, you should find your first name at the end of this video. There were so many names to write that I'm afraid I might have missed one or two. Please forgive me about that. I did my best to mention everyone. And if you haven't sent me an audio file, you might not find your name here. I'm still grateful for the time you took to send me an email!

I also want to thank "you" who sent me not only the audio file for how to say I love you in your language, but who also took the time to leave an audio message showing your support. I was so happy to hear it. It's quite different from reading a comment. Reading in a comment that you enjoy my videos or that my videos help you is wonderful but actually hearing it made me feel even happier!

By the way, I wasn't sure where to put the names of people I wanted to thank. I had tried to put it at the beginning but it was a bit too long without any sounds. So, I decided to put it at the end, like in the movies. You'll find me just before the bloopers and rehearsal part.

I spent a lot of hours working on this video, but I'm happy I did it. I'm happy that you were part of it. And I'm happy to upload it. I hope you'll enjoy it.

Note: I took one week off my normal upload schedule to make this video. I think that from tomorrow I should be able to come back on my regular schedule that is:
Monday: French
Wednesday: Japanese
Friday: Korean
Sunday: English

Have a great evening!

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