Eye, Face & Dental Medical Exam | ASMR Roleplay

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Published 2 years ago

Oh no - you’ve had an accident and your face, mouth, teeth and eyes need to be treated by Doctor Infinity. Luckily, you’re in good hands. The sleep version for this video is here: https://youtu.be/LtxEUAWsc7Q

⇥ My other medical role-plays: http://bit.ly/2FOitd0

⏱ Time stamps
1:16 Eye exam and follow the light
3:49 listening to your chest
4:54 mouth exam with gloves
5:31 liquid sounds and spritzing
6:14 applying things to your face / face touching
9:17 dental exam and treatment
13:02 removing scabs off your face
15:56 close ear to ear whisper
16:30 face brushing
18:16 lots of gloves sounds to finish

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Triggers: personal attention, medical exam, gloves, dental exam, face brushing, face touching, crinkles, ear to ear, whisper, soft speaking, eye exam, follow the light, liquid sounds

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