Triple Sylver - calming countdown and noms to sleep + lullaby (music)

Sylver Silph ASMR - chill out
Published 4 years ago

What could be better than drifting off to sleep as clouds float by? 🎶 mmm-mmm-mmmm 🎶

music: Benjamin Thompson - Lullaby

(no music version: )
Hola Kings & Queens after my short hiatus I am back and with a Blue Yeti! Yay, I'm so proud of us...we're on the verge of 1k subs, we have a great mic and I've made over 100 ASMR videos like what? :D This channel and you people make m really happy and I want to keep delivering for you. Just being able to be here for you is incredible. *mwah* !

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oh and also I have a blog now! I plan to make into something better but for now it's cute and I like it!

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email me at [email protected] ...right now i don't have any fancy spending goals, i just want to pay bills and save money :) It's awesome being able to trade my passion for money so if you do decide to buy a custom video know that it's a two way street! I'm grateful and happy every time!


countdown asmr Lullaby

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