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Published 4 years ago

I have been seeing a lot of of my friends do videos discussing their favourite ASMRtists. I thought I would do my own take on it :)


1. Who would you trade hair with?
calliope whispers

2. Who is someone who’s videos are a “first watch”?

3. Who has amazing triggers?
Infinitely ASMR

4. A favourite ASMRtist who lives in a different country than you.
Articulate Design ASMR

5. Who is someone you feel like you can rely on?
Woodland Whispers ASMR

6. Who do you think has a great sense of humour?
ASMR Warm Puppy

7. If you could be best friends with an ASMRtist, who would it be?
Little Clover Whispers

8. Who has the cutest username?
Ms. ASMR Doll

9. Who is the most down to earth?

10. Who would you love to collab with?
Seafoam Kitten’s ASMR

11. Who is someone you have watched from “the beginning”?
Substance ASMR

12. Who do you relate to/is most similar to you?
Peace Whispers

13. Who has your favourite voice?
Peggy Whispers In Chaos

14. Who has your favourite filming space?
Calming Escape

15. Who would you want as an older sibling?

16. Who do you always fall asleep to?
Windy Whispers

17. Who makes the most creative videos?

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