(SUB) ASMR English 'Twin Slime Ear Surgery RP' 귀수술 롤플

Published 2 years ago

Ta-da! I made ASMR twin slime ear surgery role play in English! The role play has many triggers with piercing, cutting, stitching, cleaning ears and treatment of wounds! Aww but I felt shame because of my poor pronunciation. X0 Anyway I hope you like it :D

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🍅 Twitch (streaming): https://www.twitch.tv/ppomodoli

쌍둥이 귀 수술 롤플레이예요 :3 영어버전이라 한글자막을 넣어두었어요. :) 자막을 켜주세요! 발음은 여전히 좋지않지만 노력중이에요! 노토킹 버전도 있으니 언젠가 올려드릴게요! 추운 날씨 건강 조심하세요!


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