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Published 3 years ago

🦄 Part 1 🇬🇧🇺🇸 ★ASMR★ tingly back Scratching, Massage Trigger & Hair Brushing:

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🦄 german 🇩🇪 version of this video:

🦄 Products I used:
mermaid brush blue/pink: http://amzn.to/2yTHIq7

mermaid brush mint: http://amzn.to/2kBsFz5

Nail Polish: Essie - Penny Talk: http://amzn.to/2yCmzol

Nail polish top coat: Essie - A cut above: http://amzn.to/2yA7pjg

🦄 Klick and find your favorite part in the video:
00:30 Chearleader Pom Poms
3:03 Plastic Orchids / Plastik Orchideen
5:34 colourful feathers /bunte Federn
8:46 Back Stroking / Rückenstreicheln
9:29 Comb / Kamm
10:25 Hair Brushing with comb / Haare kämmen mit dem Kamm
11:57 Hair Brush + Brushing / Haarbürste + Bürsten
14:57 Cans full of colourful pom poms / Dosen mit bunten Pom Poms
19:40 Cupcake can full of jewelery / Cupcake Dose mit Schmuck
24:39 Unicorn figure / Einhorn Figur
25:41 Mermaid brushes / Meerjungfrauen Pinsel
28:32 Back Scratching / Rücken streicheln
28:54 Flying colourful Feathers / fliegende bunte Federn

🦄 Relax your inner child - ASMR for Princesses and Peter Pans. I want to help you to relax and get the dreams you wish to have :)
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ASMR is a relaxing experience using various visual and auditory stimulations. I experienced ASMR first when I was a child, but I didn´t know the word for it ;). I have been watching ASMR-videos for years and they help me to relax and get better sleep. Now I want to make videos to get YOU the feeling I like myself. I am making relaxation videos in english and german. I like cute and colorful things, because I think they make the world a little more happier. Welcome to my little universe. Enjoy and relax :)

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