ASMR 3dio Ear Cleaning & Massage

Latte ASMR
Published 4 years ago

01:34 fluffy soft ear cleaning
03:50 wood earpick
06:52 crispy silicon earpick
09:57 plastic earpick
13:29 checking inside your ears with light
14:37 using tweezer
16:54 steel earpick
18:56 q-tip ear cleaning
22:10 babytip q-tip
23:43 ear massage
25:52 oil ear massge

Hello! This is Latte :)
Today's video is pretty simple. I will just do your ear cleaning and ear massage. I hope enjoy it and have a great day! :D ♥

안녕하세요! 라떼입니다 :)
이번 영상은 간단한 귀청소랑 귀마사지 영상이에요. 모두들 즐거운 하루 보내세요 :D ♥


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