ASMR ~ Straightening my Hair ~ (tapping, brushing, whispering)

Published 4 years ago

~Please Read~ :D
Hi Cuties!
Have fun watching me struggle to straighten my hair LOL this was originally supposed to be posted like on Thursday but my computer is being weird and wouldn’t export my videos for some reason, but all is good now. It is just now taking hours to export omG.

It was a struggle i was in such a t a n g l e, get it tangle, cause my hair was- um- so tangled and messy- okay I will stop now.

~ Tell me your corniest/horrible joke(s) about whatever??? lol ~

I also noticed that you guys are messaging me through Youtube and that is so awesome, I will now continue to check there bc i didn’t for a while! ((Plus i couldn't reply to one message and there was no other ay to get to them so I would definitely recommend messaging me on Instagram.))

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Update: I made an email just for custom videos to contact me, it is [email protected]

Love you guys :)

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