ASMR Sound Assortment of Six For Your ASMR Fix (For Relaxation, Tingles, and Sleep)

Heather Feather ASMR
Published 8 years ago

Hello everyone! This pre-recorded ASMR video features soft speaking, whispering, tapping, scratching, page turning, a little singing/humming, capping/uncapping, and some bag crinkling. Half the trigger attempts are new items, and half are revisited based on requests. I hope this works for you. Happy Viewing!

For those who need a quick fix:
0:18-10:00 Fern Fossil
10:15-22:27 Old Mini Wooden Piano
16:35-20:50 Mouth Sounds, Humming, Singing, and Tapping
23:23-34:43 Bag of Paints in Tube Containers
35:41-42:52 Small Megalodon Tooth in Plastic Box
43:33-49:17 Butterfly Box Book (dat alliteration)
50:09-57:49 The Big Book of Shakespeare (that people kept requesting, and I kept forgetting to bring up from the basement)

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After months of people asking, I made a paypal account. I love making these videos, so regardless of donations, I will still be doing what I love---that said, any donations are greatly appreciated.




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