Singing In The Rain | Binaural ASMR Sleepy Thunder Storm Song Set

Published 4 years ago

Here's something a little different- I will sing you to sleep with the sounds of a rainy day all around you. Watch the hypnotic randrops fall from the comfort of your warn soft bed, and drift away :):):) I recorded all these tracks with my new Zoom h4N Pro I love it!! The "tin roof" sound is actually my quiet kitchen, under the big metal stove vent. I love hearing it every time it rains- thought I would share.

Texas thunderstorms! Get a thunder buddy and bundle up :)

List of songs (repeated):

Smashing Pumpkins- Luna
Like Someone in Love- Bjork
Paradise Circus- Massive Attack
Something- The Beatles
Into The Black- Neil Young (Chromatics vocal style)

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