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Published 7 years ago

Dear asmr friends, I did another asmr doctor examination roleplay for you. This time you get a complete routine checkup of the most important parts and functions of your body.

So we're starting with your posture, the check of your spine and the perfect position and balance. Then I'm taking the famous rubber gloves and touch your skin to feel your lymph glands. This is important to feel if there are any irregularities or little nodules. I'm also checking your blood pressure and your lungs, bronchia and heart beat with the stetoscope of course.

The doctor check up of your eyes and ears is also encluded of course. In the end I'm checking a birthmark that you recently detected, so we make sure it's harmless.

I find the picture with the fish under water especially relaxing to watch, and doctors often have nice pictures in their rooms, at least the ones I know :D. So I thought it might be nice to place the picture there in the background as a soothing trigger for the eyes.

If course the asmr doctor roleplay is with lots of soft speaking and closeup whispering so wemake sure that you are deeply relaxed :).

I hope you like it and enjoy!



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